American Handiwork is a general contractor servicing the Pittsburgh Area.  Although we accommodate a wide variety of projects, we specialize in home remodeling.  We deliver our construction solutions with the highest attention to detail.  From the planning stage, to the building stage, to the post-completion stage, we manage our projects meticulously.  With us, you can focus on enjoying the development of your property.  

Quality Care

Every step of the way, AHI follows best practices to deliver the best quality of care. From rulebooks to permits, we strive to make your project a painless, fun, event!

Building Philosophy

If done right, a construction project is a rewarding experience. You get a chance to enrich the space around you, and in the process can see your project come to life. Our goal is to make that project hassle-free. We are passionate about building, and we think your experience should be enjoyable from start-to-finish. That’s why we stress frequent and candid communication with project owners, so you’ll be with us every step of the way. 


Picking AHI is choosing to work with true construction craftsmen. You can trust our workers to be friendly, efficient, and reliable.